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New SEO project - - Aura London | Jewels and Luxury Hair Extensions | Online Store

We have started work on a new SEO project. We started our work in October and now have online store development and traffic. We didn’t build the website, but that doesn’t stop us from getting to work. Aura London is an online shop for fine jewelry with a mental focus, and the name “Aura” is no coincidence. Handmade jewelry with a special selection of stones and handmade silver-plated silver elements are offered (the idea is to incorporate the two metals because of their spiritual properties). Each order is made individually and additional items can be added at your request.

We focus on 8 key keywords, with the first stages of indexing and outage already complete. There is already ongoing traffic and orders from the website.
Visit and browse this wonderful online store for women’s jewelry and hair extensions.
Aura London | Jewels and Luxury Hair Extensions | Online Store

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